Hey there fellow intellectuals and lifelong learners,

My name is Mohamad Al Husseini. I am a Lebanese national and I work as a management consultant in the Middle East, helping clients solve their most difficult business problems across industries, geographies, and functions. In 2017, I attended INSEAD in both its France and Singapore campuses and received my MBA from the school. For a more detailed bio, please click here to take a look at my CV.

But what I do – in fact, what most of us do – for a living is merely the public persona, the outermost layer of my – our – human existence.

Who I am, however, is another story. I am an introverted, introspective, inquisitive non-conformist who has a passion for knowledge, no matter the topic, may it be science, art or psychology. You name it. I also like to find the reason and meaning behind everything, literally e-ve-ry-thing! Shallow understanding is not really my thing.

Unfortunately, these qualities of mine often clash with the demands of daily life, especially with those of the fast-paced business world!

Uncharted Thought is born

The core ethos behind Uncharted Thought is that meaning and happiness are both positively correlated with knowledge; the more you know, the happier and more meaningful your life will be. (Please click here to find out the reasoning behind this major assumption)

Meaning, happiness and knowledge are positively correlated variables

In these soulful pages, you’ll find me trying to explore a wide selection of topics (science, psychology, business, humanities, etc.) to extract life lessons and weave these seemingly unrelated fields into a coherent and meaningful whole. I will also throw some theories of my own into the mix!

Nothing happens until something moves. When something vibrates, the electrons of the entire universe resonate with it. Everything is connected.

Albert Einstein

Please join me on this journey into an uncharted intellectual territory.